Why UV Protected swimwear

Why UV Protected swimwear

You must have heard of UV Protected kids Swimwear and wondered why invest in an expensive range when most of the body is exposed and you can cover that up with a good sunblock?
Well, most sunblock creams and lotions stays only for a while. So while you are going to the beach or pool in summers, don’t forget to buy UV-protected swimwear for yourself and your kids.
People with lighter skin tones are most likely to get damaged and burnt skin due to the scorching UV rays.
Global warming and the depleting ozone layer has increased the intensity of UV radiation reaching the earth. This is a major cause of skin diseases, hyperpigmentation, and other issues.
So going in sea salt water or chlorinated pools might increase the reaction on the skin to these harmful rays. COEGA gets you the best swimwear in GCC for summer so that you can enjoy it without any harm to your skin.

Now if you are thinking that why getting UV protected swimsuit is crucial then here are some major reasons:

● Protect from sunburns and tanning

Kids skin is very delicate and can be affected easily. For kids, even a walk in the sun requires the application of sunblock. But in some cases, sunblock can cause allergies or wont suit the skin of toddlers. Now in that case, protecting them from the harsh rays of the sun requires a good UV-protected

During summer, and also in autumn when the sun doesn't feel very hot, the rays are powerful and the skin of kids can get severely burnt and start shredding off. This can cause severe pain and discomfort to them.

While at the beach, or at the pool, sun blocks can wash off in minutes, UV-protected swimwear is the savior for you. Not only for kids or babies, even for adults sunburn and severe tanning can be dangerous.

● Keeps chemicals in water from reacting with skin

UV-protected clothes have protective layering that not only protects the skin from being exposed to sun rays but also prevents the harsh chemicals in the pool water from reacting with the skin. Kids swimwear is specially designed with this feature in mind as they can easily get rashes, chafing, or extreme
allergic eruption due to these chemicals.

In addition to that, people having any skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, etc. can have fully covered UV-protected summer bathing suits to enjoy in water without their skin itching or burning.

● Skin Cancer Protection

Due to the harmful UV rays entering the earth there has been an increased number of patients suffering from skin cancers. Doctors are emphasizing on regular use of sunblock to protect the skin as much as
possible from harmful sun rays. The chances of these rays reacting with skin are higher in water and chlorinated pool water. With the use of UV Protected swimwear, this can be prevented.

 Lasts longer than regular ones

The fabric and material used in the construction of UV-protected swimsuits are thicker and more durable. And these swimsuits don't tend to fade or wear off as quickly as the regular ones do.

● Prevent heating up of body

Prevention from radiation protects the body from heating up too excessively in summers. Pair up with a swimming cap with UV protection for keeping safe from heat strokes.

There is no doubt that buying UV-protected swimwear is crucial not only for kids but also for adults and proves to be a better investment irrespective of the weather. Check one of the best UV-protected swimwear online at COEGA and enjoy water sports with sun protection.

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