Sustainability is not a choice. It is a basic need. 

From the beginning, we have been aware and committed  towards integrating ethical and sustainable practices at all levels of our operation. While working towards 100% sustainability, we at COEGA Sunwear are trying our best to achieve this with small steps wherever possible. 


We are striving to use more and more recycled and regenerated fabric in our swimwear. Most of our swimwear contains ECONYL® yarn, which is 100% regenerated nylon fibre/yarn made from nylon waste otherwise polluting the Earth, like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring, and industrial plastic.

We have launched our sustainable eco collection by COÉGA Sunwear. All our signature pieces under this collection including modest swimwear, are locally made here in the UAE (reduced carbon foot print) using sustainable fabric made of ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

The ECONYL® nylon is exactly same as brand new nylon but with a sustainability edge, whereby waste is recycled, recreated and remoulded. Apart from recycling waste, ECONYL® is also better when it comes to climate change and reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90% compared with the material from oil.

Moreover, most of our fabric printing is done employing the Sublimation technique, which is regarded as a more eco-friendly alternative. This form of printing results in minimum wastage and limited usage of water. Sublimation printing is proven to give great results on recycled polyester fabric. 

As an organization, we support slow fashion. For our wholesale customers, we produce as per the order quantity. For e-commerce and other customers, we manufacture in small batches of the minimum required quantity.
Moreover, most of our swimwear is made from long-lasting fabric with Lycra XtraLife  This ensures that our swimwear provides long-lasting comfort, fit and shape with no bagging or sagging. This reflects our commitment towards slow fashion.

We strive towards minimal waste in our production, starting from the initial stage of cutting patterns up to the final stitching. Where possible, we utilize some left over unused fabric from production to make additional pool shoes.


We are aiming to minimize the unnecessary use of packaging material, plastic packaging particularly.

Our Hang Tags and Header cards are made out of recyclable materials.  

Microplastics and the Ocean

Swimwear (even sustainable swimwear made of recycled fabric) when washed in the washing machine, will shed micro-plastic fibers into the waterways and the oceans. As a commitment to reduce this environmental impact of our industry, we recommend using either a Cora Ball or a Guppy Bag in your washer while doing your laundry, as it prevents these micro fibers from entering the water cycle. 

    Marine Conservation

     As a company, we firmly believe in supporting local and are pleased to partner with  AZRAQ, a registered not-for-profit organization based in UAE, focused on marine conservation. 
    Azraq aims to educate, motivate and activate the local community in order to become positive change makers for the benefit of the local and international waterways. You can find out more here:


    We recently sponsored a Mangrove planting event organized by Azraq, in Al Zohra Reserve in Ajman. Apart from the sponsorship, our team had the opportunity to participate in the mangrove planting experience. Mangrove forests are a critical for protecting coastlines, endangered and threatened species, people’s livelihoods, and even helping combat climate change! It’s well known that trees absorb tremendous amounts of carbon, but mangroves are among the most carbon rich forests in the tropics. 

    At COEGA Sunwear, we do not believe in fast fashion. We encourage repair & re-use of our garments. One of our most successful community initiatives in the past has been the Drop Your Shorts For Good campaign. This charitable endeavor enabled us to distribute gently used or new swim wear to local low-income workers across Dubai.

     Some of our other CSR initiatives that we have done in the past , include PINK November campaign, donating funds to Al Jalila Foundation towards Breast Cancer Research. 

    Another initiative close to our heart is the Stop & Help charitable initiative that aims to provide meals and other basic necessities to the needy, to people out of jobs, to low-income group families amongst others. We were really humbled to make a donation to this worthwhile cause to support families in need during the pandemic in 2020.



    We utilize  good quality Bio - Liners that are are required to be used in some of our swimwear products and they are Eco - Friendly and Bio - Degradable.