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Sustainability & COEGA Sunwear


How COEGA Sunwear seeks a harmonious relationship between nature, our oceans & humans


COEGA believes our oceans & world have reached a critical tipping point. Without commitments to defend our seas, clean water & air, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions & acting in sustainable ways wherever we can, humankind has the potential to destroy our planet’s ability to repair itself.

At COEGA, preservation & protection of our environment is central to why we're in business and part of our everyday work. We support an apparel & footwear industry that produces no unnecessary environmental harm & has a positive impact on the people & communities associated with our activities. 

Here’s what we're doing to ensure our products, processes & services help ensure a brighter future for waters, lands & air we all share;


  • we use fabrics, made of regenerated yarn, containing at least 20% upcycled materials for production of our new garments, wherever possible (details below)
  • we support several charities & environmental movements, including the Surfrider Foundation, by giving a portion of revenues annually to this important, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting beaches & oceans around the world
  • we promote reuse of our garments through the COEGA "Drop Your Shorts" campaign, each year in the Middle-East (details below)
  • we support & promote transportation of our goods using carbon-neutral or carbon-negative methods, wherever possible. Our transportation partners, including UPS provide us with regular sustainability progress reports & are making great strides in reducing the impact of delivery
  • a sustainable business isn't just associated with geography, science & environment;  our relationship with fellow humans must be sustainable, too. We give back to our community, in the Middle-East & beyond (details below)


  • COEGA reduces the need for air transport inbound to our facility by receiving the bulk of our fabrics from Italy & Spain using efficient ships (details below)
  • We give employees throughout our operations a number of interesting opportunities to support environmental work
  • COEGA follows California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 to prevent child, forced, or trafficked labour in our supply chain
  • COEGA supports animal welfare & we do not use animal skins or leather in any of our garments or accessories (details below)


A vast portion of our clothing collections are made utilizing regenerated nylon yarn which is made by from pre- and post-industrial waste including fishing nets, by regenerating into a nylon yarn.

As well as being a solution on waste, the regenerated (upcyled) nylon is also better when it comes to climate change. It reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up to 80% compared with the material from oil.

You can see examples of Ladies garments we produce with these fabrics, here

How is upcycling different from recycling? Upcycling is a very specific form of recycling that turns waste into a material or product of a higher quality.

Both recycling & upcycling reduce waste in landfills around the world. Also, both activities reduce the need for the production of new materials, which means less pollution & carbon emissions from manufacturers. 

Using sustainable techno-fabrics, including VITA fabric from Italian fabric manufacturer Carvico, COEGA is helping turn previously unwanted source materials into new fashion.

You can see examples of Kids garments we produce with these fabrics, here

COEGA receives most of the fabric we use in bulk, as a neutral fabric delivered on large rolls by efficient ocean transport. Then, we apply bright printing designs to the fabrics locally in Dubai using advanced, small-run printing methods. In this way we reduce the need for air transport, in favour of more efficient ocean transport.

REPAIR & RE-USE  We encourage repair & re-use of our garments. One of our most successful community initiatives is the ‘Drop Your Shorts For Good’ campaign. This charitable endeavor aims to distribute gently used or new swim wear to local low-income workers across Dubai.

You can see examples of Mens garments we produce, here 

GIVING BACK  COEGA supports our community through various programs. With the support of Helping Hands, a local charity organization, thousands of swimwear garments have been collected and distributed for re-use, since the campaign’s launch in 2011.

ANIMAL WELFARE  COEGA does not use angora, leather or fur in any of our products, and publicly advocate for animal welfare. We use recycled wool and feather that has been accredited by the Global Traceable Down Standard.
ENERGY & CLOTHING CARE  COEGA products are all suitable for a cold or warm water hand wash & line-drying, thus conserving energy & reducing carbon impact.

Through these activities & new efficiencies we are constantly seeking, COEGA aims to be a consistent leader in sustainable fashion.
This page was updated: 25 Nov, 2020

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