Different Styles Of Men’s Swimwear

Different Styles Of Men’s Swimwear
When it comes to men's clothing we find very limited options. The same goes for the swimwear section.
If you have observed, we mostly see men in shorts, boxers, or in some cases in swim tights with or without shirts.
Well, wait!
Have a second glance then you might notice that it’s not always the same kind of shorts.
Figured it out?
What we don’t know is that with various colors and prints, there are separate styles for shorts, shirts, and accessories in men’s swimwear too! Let us brief you through different styles of men’s swimwear so you can enjoy choices too while shopping!
Types of swimwear for men
 Swimming Brief
Men's swim briefs are one of the most popular swimwear for men. These come in a fitted style with a frontal V-shaped look. They are body hugging and are available in various styles. Depending on your choice, you can pick from swim thongs or G-string style to underwear style. These are designed for athletes or swimmers who want to flaunt their muscular and handsomely shaped legs.
 Boxers/swim trunks
Boys swim trunks or boxers are the most commonly used swimwear for men. These are loose, quick- drying trunks that you can wear on the beach or in the pool with family as you like. Swim trunks are available in many colors and designs, they also come with an inner mesh design to provide extra support in case of water sports, etc.
Board Shorts or Beach Boy shorts
As the name suggests board shorts are designed basically for surfing as their cut and material provide good support on the board. Also, these shorts are perfect for all kinds of water activities. With inner support mesh and tight lace-up design, they are similar to the trunks but are a bit longer, most commonly to the knee.
Swimming jammers are more like a jegging till knee length which is tight and provides support to thighs and legs. Specially designed for athletes, these swim shorts provide good coverage and reduced friction. They are super comfortable and are fit for a full range of body movements.
People who look out for more coverage and casual men’s swimwear style can opt for Bermuda shorts. These are a longer version of swim trunks and are commonly used by adults or a bit chubby people who are not in the mood to show much of their legs on the beach.
Mens swimsuits
Tightly fitting with lace-up, swimsuits for men are designed like board shorts or swim trunks. These come in only shorts or with a fitted shirt as per the swimmers likes. They have additional support, rash guards, and breathable and non-absorbent material to keep the athlete dry and comfortable.
Bathing Suits
Men looking for modest swimsuits can opt for men’s bathing suits that provide coverage from chest to knees and are comfortable enough to allow a range of motions without hindrance.
Pointers to keep in mind-
Before buying any swimsuit or swim short make sure to keep these important points in mind:
  • Shorts must have inner support and must provide sufficient coverage
  • Look for rash guards for boys
  • Too tight shorts may cause you a lot of pain
  • Pick light and quick dry material always
  • Waist must be lace tied as elastic ones can fall off with water weight
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