Luxury Swimwear vs Cheap Swimwear

Luxury Swimwear vs Cheap Swimwear

With the holiday season arriving in Dubai, beaches are a must-visit on the list because the sun is still out! You may be looking for cute swimwear online to stock up on your beach outfits. While doing so, you may come across swimsuits that cost AED 100 or above and a similar design sold at some online page at just AED 20.

Wondering how this is possible?

Luxury swimwear from top brands can sometimes cost you more than a party dress. Although you can easily get its cheap imitation, will it be the same?

Well, obviously not.

From smoothness to the color depth, you can identify from the first touch why one is expensive and the other is cheap. If you are wearing the dress just once and don't intend to wear it again, a cheaper swimsuit will do. However, if you want your swimsuit to last longer without losing its shine, smoothness, and fit, then invest in a good quality swimsuit.

So while you are puzzled about choosing a swimsuit, let us brief you on why luxury swimwear is better than its cheaper version. 


Luxury vs. cheap swimwear: which one is better?

The biggest disadvantage of buying a luxury swimsuit over buying a cheap swimsuit online is the price. A single bikini or a pair of beach shorts may cost a fortune. This price difference might be the reason to put them back on the rack. Otherwise, you know they will look and feel good on you. But here are some of the reasons that give bonus points to luxury swimwear

The fabric quality

The feel, texture, and fit are all different in a luxury swimsuit. Made from high-quality fabric, the stretch and the control you get from these swimsuits can’t be matched by any imitation swimming costume.

In the cheaper version, synthetic fabric is generally used, which might chafe or irritate your skin. This is a major concern when buying baby swimwear. Moreover, the fabric weave plays an important role. As close as the yarns are weaved, you get a stronger fabric that doesn’t tear down while you bend or stretch during aquatic activities.

The luxury version has ample lining that doesn't reflect on your skin after getting wet. It is crucial for people looking out for modest swimwear like burkinis or slimkinis.

Lastly, getting UV protection in a cheap swimsuit is just an illusion, so while you buy one, ensure you apply extra layers of sun cream.


After the fabric, comes the stitching of the swimsuits. The more stitch per inch, the pricier a dress would get. Swimsuits that cost more, have better stitching, cuts, and fitting they give on wear. Usually, in cheap swimsuits, the seams are rough and not properly hemmed. Lycra is showing from beneath, and the lining also causes the problem. In luxury swimwear, the stitches are more closely done, retaining the fit and shape of the fabric even after multiple wears.


Expensive swimwear is higher priced for a reason. The density of stitches and the focus on minor details depict intense labor. All elements are given proper attention, from inner meshes to smooth zippers. While in a cheap swimsuit, you will find buttons or laces coming off, a zipper stuck in between, or the difference in both leg openings of the board shorts.


Undoubtedly, the styles and designs in a luxury swimwear range are beyond the level of cheap ones. The cuts, patterns, and colors will make you fall in love with them. Even though cheap imitation sellers might copy them, you can recognize the difference with a glance.

Long Lasting

Another major benefit of buying an expensive swimsuit is that you can wear it multiple times, while a cheap one wont last long. So with more wear, the cost per wear of a luxury swimsuit will be less than the cheaper one; hence, you get a better deal and quality in return.

Don't get driven by the brand name; focus on quality!

Clearly, a high-quality swimsuit will benefit you more than a cheap one. But most of the time,  the brands charge much higher than the cost of the product. So instead of just paying for the brand name, focus on the quality and feel. 

There are many online and in-store places where you can get great quality swimwear, and that too at affordable rates. If you want to buy summer swimwear or winter swimsuits with impressive stitching and the fabric feel, and that too on a budget, visit COEGA and explore our diverse swimwear range.

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