Safety tips you need to follow at the beach

Safety tips you need to follow at the beach

Everyone loves to go to the beach. It’s refreshing, thrilling, and relaxing. The air and vast volume of the water at the beach absorbs all of your stress, sadness, and anxiety. Many tourists from the west visit Dubai and other holiday locations by the sea to enjoy the summer sun at the beach and take a dip in the cool waters.
But as fun as it sounds, it is risky too, especially when you have kids. Beach doesn't follow the rules made by man. The water level can vary, the tides can suddenly get stronger, and the base floor is not even.
So to keep your beach memories happy and avoid any injuries and bad incidents, you must follow the safety guidelines.


We have brought down some crucial safety tips you must follow at the beach; let’s go through them.
1. Always pick a beach that has lifeguards
When you have a family outing, it is better to go to a guarded beach. If you or your kids get into any trouble or have an emergency, the lifeguard can help you instantly. In case of getting lost, the authorities are easy to track you, and you get all the medical and professional help immediately.
2. Understand the signs and flags to follow
When going to a beach, learn about all the signs and flags and what they represent. It will give you a clear idea about the water situation and the area where it will be safe for you to swim.
3. Swim between the flags
You should swim between the red and yellow flags at the beach and never try to cross the limits. Even though you might be good at swimming, the sea is rough, and you can get caught in the strong current, making it hard to swim.
4. UV protection
The sun is too harsh in the summer, and with the salt water, the reaction on the skin can get you severe burns. Apply good sunscreen on yours and your kids bodies, and most importantly, get UV-protected swimsuits. These will keep the skin safe from harmful sun rays and sunburns.

5. Secure feet from getting hurt
Pair your swimsuits with beach shoes or pool shoes to keep your feet from hurting, as some insects, broken glass pieces, or sharp stones on the beach can hurt your feet. You can also add other swimming accessories with your swimsuits so your kids can enjoy the complete look they like.
6. Never swim when the currents are strong
You cannot beat the sea, so don't even attempt to do so. Never swim in the strong current and try to rip the currents and high tide. It will only tire you, and you won’t be able to swim further as the current will keep dragging
you in its direction.
7. Get inflatable gear
Please get inflatable rings, jackets, or arm sleeves to ensure your kids safety. It will keep them safe in the water, and even if they get dragged by a strong current, they will remain afloat because of the inflatables.
8. Be super hydrated
To keep yourself active and aid any muscle stiffness, drink lots of liquids. The sun can drain you super-fast, and before you collapse, it is advisable to refill your body's water levels.
9. Find a shade
Wear a swimming hat or bring an umbrella or shade to keep the sun from hitting your head and body. It is vital for keeping the kids from getting direct scorching sunlight on their bodies and heads.

A picnic on the beach is worth remembering, and you will witness the power and perfection of nature itself. It will give you a renewed energy, but
while doing so, do not forget to keep your family and yourself safe and protected. Get the right swimwear for all and ensure protection from the sun, so you don't get a heatstroke or sunburn later. Nowadays, with technological advancement, you get fabrics which are UV protected, protecting you and your loved ones.
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