Best swimwear styles according to body types

Best swimwear styles according to body types

Well, we are living in 2023, and now, if you say that something can't be worn by someone, that would be wrong. Nevertheless, we can't deny that some styles complement certain people more than others. 

When it comes to swimwear, the styling margin becomes very minimal, and if you don't pick the right style, you will feel uncomfortable and less confident than others. However, you are always free to experiment and try new styles; yet picking the right fit for you will give you more flexibility and a beautiful outlook.

The problem with picking the appropriate swimsuit style is not only for the plus sizes but for skinny people too. The style varies according to height, shape, and liking.

Here we have brought some style recommendations for different body types. You can choose according to your shape and size:

  • Pear shaped bodies

  • People who have a slim upper body but are heavy down the waist are pear-shaped body type. The key to making you look attractive with this body type is covering your hips, thighs, and lower half and appropriately highlighting your best features. Use bright and lifting tops that focus the attention over the top half, and use flowy shorts or tights that at least cover till knees. This will create a balance between your body parts. 

  • Apple figure body

  • If you have killing legs and lower half but have some extra cleavage to handle, then you are in apple shape body type. Now here, you need to draw more attention to the lower half so your bust doesn't remain the focus. Bras or tanks with bikini bottoms will accentuate your thighs and legs and make you look more attractive on the beach. Don't forget to add some underwired bras or extra ties for bust support.

  • The hourglass figure

  • The lucky ones with the same bust and hip ratio come in the hourglass body category. Here you have the right curve in the mid-region, and to further accentuate that, you can go for a two piece bikini. Also, accessories and bright swimsuits with cuts in the mid-region will highlight your body's best parts.

  • The curvy one

  •  Now if you are a bit chubby and shy to show your curves, then know the right balance between what to hide and what to show. Go for swimsuits with tummy support and draw more attention to the upper part and below the thighs. One-piece swimsuits or tops that highlight your neck region are best, or you can wear fitted shorts and a strapless top to show your beautiful curves.

  • Styling with a large bust 

  • If you have a larger chest, you would require extra lift and support in that area. Go for bras with neckties or additional straps to hold onto your bust while styling for swimming. For large bust shapes, some bikinis come with underwire, or you can opt for one-piece swimsuits that complement your figure and provide adequate support and coverage for the upper area.

  • Spoon shaped figures

  • Narrow shoulders and wide lower, starting from mid-waist, are categorized as spoon shapes. One-piece swimsuits are best to complement such body types, but you can also go for high-waisted bikinis or slimkinis. These will lift your bust while covering the hip region overall, making the figure attractive and appealing.

  • The straight Athletic style

  • Those with the same width in all body parts with no curves are rectangular or athletic body types. To elevate their look, they need to add some lift to the bust and hips that will give a curve to the body and make it look sassy.

    Athletic body type people can go for any style of swimsuit as all will look great on them, but some triangle style bikini sets and deep neck swimsuits, or two piece bikinis will look fabulous on them.


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