Rising trend of Modest Swimwear

Rising trend of Modest Swimwear

 During the past few years, there has been a huge debate on the introduction of modest swimwear like burkinis, swim dresses, gowns, etc. However; now the time has come when they are one of the trending styles in swimwear, especially in the Middle East! 

Well, beaches are one of the main attractions in the Middle East, and we must recognize the consumers of this market. Hence, the concept of modest swimwear originated so that women of this region can also enjoy beaches without compromising on dressing and dressing comfortably.

Here are some of the reasons that have made the modest swimwear trend rise exponentially in the past few years:

Why is modest swimwear gaining popularity?

Modest swimwear is not just for Muslims but is getting popular amongst all cultures and religions. Let us see the key reasons behind it:

  • It gives freedom to dressing

  • Modest swimwear strengthens the belief of freedom to dress, so if anyone wants to wear a bikini, they can; likewise, if someone wants to cover themselves up, they are free to do so. It portrays that a woman is much more than how she dresses. She can look beautiful and engage in all water sports and activities without having to show too much skin. 

  • Gives religious people a chance to enjoy the beach

  • In Muslim or Arabic culture, there are strict rules on how people dress, which has restricted women from enjoying or playing freely on the beach. With modest swimwear, they can easily do anything without difficulty and compromising on their modesty and religious beliefs.

  • Comfortable and rash protectant

  • Long Sleeve Rashguards have good coverage that protects from tanning, sunburns, or sun rash. Moreover, loose and breathable fabric makes them more comfortable and easier to move than fitted bodysuits or bikini sets.

  • All body shapes, and sizes can be worn freely.

  • Not only religious people find modest swimwear feasible, but even people who are not very confident about their bodies. Modest swimwear, is for all sizes and shapes as it hides the body shape, and you can have fun in the water without worrying about your bulky thighs or heavy arms.

    How Is Modest Swimwear Not Just Limited To Religious Purposes

    Although modest swimwear like burkinis was introduced for the Muslim community, now it is not just for them. Some of the key reasons that make them a popular swimwear style are as follows:

  • It looks elegant and classic

  • Swimsuits with hijabs or hats, burkinis, or swim dresses make your body look more attractive, adding elegance, glamor, and class to highlight your look and make you feel more confident.

  • Promotes body positivity

  • By masking the flaws and fat, modest swimwear makes people love their bodies and be comfortable in their skin. It makes them feel equal, and they can do everything without thinking about their weight and shape anymore. While bikini sets and swimming suits are more suited to slim bodies, modest swimwear includes all shapes and sizes.

  • Don't offend any cultural or religious feelings

  • Modest swimwear promotes mutual respect and harmony among nations. It enables us to join in beach activities without having to dress up boldly, which may hurt the local sentiments and beliefs in Middle Eastern or South Asian countries.

  • It's comfortable and easy to carry

  • Modest swimwear is so comfortable and easy to move in, relax and enjoy compared to other swimsuits, and there won't be any chaffing or rashes due to tight straps and strings in the suit.

  • It's more economical

  • Modest swimwear is long-lasting; even if you gain or lose some pounds, you won't need to buy a new set; thus more economical in the long run.

  • There is a large market in Asia

  • Asian countries have a massive influx of people going to the beach, and considering the local culture, modest swimwear has enormous potential as people prefer to wear covering swimsuits. 

    Enjoy the beach with modest swimwear!

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