Swimwear Trends You Need to Know

Swimwear Trends -2022

Swimwear has trends, and since some leading brands have become  trendsetters in swimwear, buyers have many options to look classy in them. So, if you are an ocean lover or adore diving into a swimming pool with some sassy swimwear, here are some trends you need to know.
Let’s move towards the latest swimwear trends you should know in 2022. You will also get a hint of which swimwear suits are best suited for you.
7 Best Swimwear Trends in 2022
Swimwear has evolved from a simple bikini to swim skirts and high waist belted swimwear and is equipped with some fancy accessories. If not now, you will see these commonly trending on beaches soon, so why not take the plunge and be the trendsetter.

1. High Waist Belted Swimwear
The belts in swimwear are no more nay. From plain belts to well-designed belts are trending in swimwear. You can grab one for yourself to uplift your fashion game.

2. Frills are Trending
Frills are vintage and have come back with a bang in the clothing world. A deep V-neck with a pretty floral frill can make you look super elegant and chic. You can pair it with a swim skirt or shorts and a hat
3. Gold Chains
A hint of a gold chain as a bikini top or on the side of the bikini bottom is trending. These chains look super urban and give a luxurious look to swimwear.
4. Glitter and Sparkle
Everything that glitters is not gold, but it would make you sparkle. Sparkling and shocking colors are also trending. May it be neon or shocking pink - the louder, the classier! Don’t forget to pair them up with stylish hats
5. Wrap Tie
Wraps can make you look in shape and aid in flaunting your curves and cuts. Knots and embedded rings in these wraps are also in fashion. What’s more, they also help you in defining your waistline.

6. Vintage Florals
Florals are never out of fashion, and they are majorly trending in 2022 swimwear. From bold prints to small floral patterns, everything is in trend. Men can also flaunt these floral printed shorts as funky and fashionable.
7. Athletic Inspiration
Athletic-inspired swimwear is smart to wear and easy to function. Also known as slim-kini, these athletic wear have zippers and trims embedded. Buy one that matches your coverage needs. 

How do you know which swimsuit is right for you?

The only thing that could keep you away from water in summer is the fear of exposing your skin and curves. Here are some tips that can help you style and flaunt those curves.
● Are your bust and shoulders wider than the waist? Take your eyes off your shoulders and look down. Add volume to the lower body to balance or minimize the large top. To do this, choose a print, wide strap, side strip, pattern, skirt, or boy-cut suit.

● Is waist not defined? You can define it by creating curves by choosing modest swimwear. Belts and drapes can work wonders for you. Moreover, princess seams could be a good option too. Avoid plain swimwear instead; look for diagonal patterns and prints.
● Are hips wider? Well, make your waist appear more defined. A well-shaped neckline and bust detail are essential. Such swimwear also features a plain and dark color bottom, front zipper, and an imperial waist.
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Happy Summer!

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