Beach Party Chic: Sizzling Swimsuit Ideas to Make Waves & Turn Heads!

Beach Party Chic: Sizzling Swimsuit Ideas to Make Waves & Turn Heads!

Beach and party are two magical words that elevate our moods instantly. While the summer season is in full mode, it's time to prep up your wardrobe for the beach now. Beach parties in Dubai & all over UAE are filled with thrill, music, and laughter and so to make a gorgeous appearance while keeping the comfort level in check is necessary.

There is no restriction on how you want to dress up for the beach party, but you surely want to enjoy the beach and other sports, so flexible plus stylish swimwear can work both ways. We have gathered some of the most astounding beach party dress ideas that will make you look like a supermodel without restricting you from any activity or having fun.

Here are some of the looks you could wear for your next beach party:

●    One-piece body suits with slaying cuts

One-piece swimsuits look super attractive on the beach. With additional high cuts around the waistline or adding some ruffles at the top, they can be a significant part of the dress on the beach. You can pick sparkly accessories or jewelry with them or go solid black to slay the look! 

●    High waist baggy denim with crop tops

Denim is super classy and fabulous for a beach outfit. Try some high-waisted flapper style or baggy jeans paired with a white or bright-colored Swim crop top with a shrug or lose jacket that will go over it. Pair it with some high heel joggers or wedges to complete the look.

●    Swim shorts with baggy shirts

Swim shorts and shirts are the perfect combos for a beach party as they will give you complete freedom to play and bathe in the sea while being fit for the dance party or a picture session later. Choose a sequin or floral pattern shirt with matching or contrasting shorts paired with flip-flops or pumps.

●    Striped button-downs with bikinis

If you want to give off some Hollywood vibes, try a striped or plain button-down shirt in XL size to go over your favorite fancy bikini set. You are all set to have some perfect candids to post on your social media stories!

●    Long scarf skirts with a bikini top

Long dresses with cuts are the go-to choice for parties, so why not try the same style at the beach? Use a long scarf to make a skirt with a high slit, and pair it up with a crop top or bikini for a party feel.

●    Scarf top with skirts

Another popular beach party style this summer is to have a bandana scarf as a top and pair it up with either jeans or skirts. You can also wear Board shorts or high-waisted baggy shorts to complete the look.

●    Go for some crochet

Crocket adds some classic vibe and style to your look, and you can either opt for a crochet dress or shrug with your bikini or crop top and shorts to add glam to the beach look.

●    Dare to wear a white dress

Well, this comes as the perfect party dress for the beach, and if you want to kill it and steal some long glances at a beach party, then go for a classic white fitted dress or long skirt and crop top in white.

●    Denim shorts with tie-up tops

Cool plus comfy, this look will always stay on trend. Pair up some beautiful crop or tie-up tops with denim shirts and skirts.

Some quick tips

While you dress up for your beach party, here are some essential tips to have the perfect look:

  • Pick the right accessories: You can opt for stone necklaces, bracelets, etc. but avoid imitation metal jewelry, which can get wet and rusted. Also, wearing too big earrings or a heavy hat can make you uncomfortable.
  • Wear comfortable footwear: On the beachy, uneven surface go for flat footwear like pool shoes.
  • Bright and bold colors or prints are in trend, so pick colorful prints, primarily floral, tropical, or animal themed.
  • Choose colors according to the party time. If it’s night, you can go for reds, blacks, or sparkles, while for daytime, keep it cool and pastel.
  • Don't compromise on comfort. Avoid tight clothing or dresses with too much flare that restrict you from playing or moving.


Exhilarate your peaking energy at the beach in full swag!

Beach parties are all about fun, and for that, you need the right swimsuits that will make you look elegant and relaxed at the same time. At Coega, we have the best options for you to get your dream beach party outfit on a budget. So grab yours now.



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