Swimwear for Islamic women: Swim Comfortably Without Compromising Modesty

Swimwear for Islamic women:  Swim Comfortably Without Compromising Modesty

 Many women specifically Islamic or religious women don't enjoy the beach or go to water parks due to body exposing issues. With pool areas restricting them from wearing loose or general clothing, they have to simply sit and watch others having fun. 

Doesn’t it sound unfair?

To be honest, they deserve all the fun, but that too should not come at the price of their religious views and compromise on modesty. With the introduction of modest swimsuits for women like burkinis, slim-kinis, or girls' swim tights, women who want to completely cover themselves can also enjoy water sports, beach picnics, and swimming as they like.

Well, this ladies' swimwear collection is not just limited to religious or conservative fraternities but is quite popular in groups who want covered swimsuits to avoid tanning and protect their skins from chlorinated water and allergies.

Here are some of the ideas of Islamic swimwear or modest swimwear for ladies available in the market.

 Some modest swimwear for women's option

You must have heard about the burqa or veil that Islamic women usually wear to cover themselves. It's a kind of loose long clothing or coat which they wear over their clothes. Similar to that, various swimwear brands thought of introducing modest swimsuits for women in Dubai or UAE and came up with the idea of the burkini.

A burkini is made from swimsuit fabric that is loose fitting, usually a bit like a frock with full sleeves and full leggings or tights. The swimsuit comes with an attached or added hijab to cover the hair and head.

  • Swimming Hijab

A swimming hijab is best for women who strictly cover their heads and hair or want to protect their hair from harsh water and sunlight. This is similar to a swimming cap but it also gives coverage to the neck, partial face, and ears too. You can also mix and match many hijabs with your swimming outfits. They are super stylish and comfortable swimming hijabs available online and in the market in UAE and Dubai where demand for these Islamic swimsuits and accessories is massive.

Similar to the burkini, slim-kini is also a fully covering modest swimsuit for women but its body is fitted instead. There is no added hijab stitched with it and the swimsuit is fully covering yet body hugging. This kind of swimsuit is great for girls and teenagers with slim body types or swimmers looking for something warm and less revealing in cold seasons or regions.

Slim-kini's are super stylish and give you a comfortable feel and full range of motion without having to wear short clothes.

  • Girl/ladies swim tights

Another option to go for is to buy girls' or ladies' swim tights and wear them with any full-sleeved shirt or you can buy any swim shirt with it too. Swim tights come in various designs, styles, and fabrics and you can opt for any according to your comfort and body type.

  • Modest bathing suits

There is also a huge variety of modest bathing suits for women available in the online market and you can easily get one according to your taste. These bathing suits are comfortable, cover, and don't hinder your fun in the water. 

For open areas like beach or water parks, bathing suits are the best option especially if we are looking for swimsuits for plus-size women as they won’t be too comfy in burkini or slimkini that reveals their body shape and make them conscious.

 Tips for picking up the right modest bodysuit for yourself

 If you are on vacation in the Middle East and want to buy the best Islamic swimwear in UAE or Dubai then keep these simple tips in mind and make the most of your trip:

  • Make sure the material of the swimsuit gives protection from UV rays
  • Fabric and colors are durable and don’t fade off quickly in chemically treated water
  • Make sure that the swimwear doesn't restrict your body movements and won't stick or cause problems while swimming
  • Go for dark colors and bright prints as they don’t get transparent while wet
  • Pick quick drying material so no chapping or rubbing is caused to the skin.


We hope you now have a clear idea about which kind of modest swimsuit you should buy for yourself.  For great styles, quality and a wide range of options, chhos COEGA. Visit our online store at www.coegawear.com and buy the best ladies' swimwear in Dubai.

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