VIDEO: Helicopter Mechanic to Swimwear Designer; COEGA's Maureen Hall

Maureen Hall COEGA Sunwear CEO interview

In this new video, COEGA Sunwear founder & CEO, Maureen Hall, reveals how she went from helicopter mechanic in Canada, to swimwear designer and how she founded COEGA Sunwear in Dubai, over 20 years ago.

From the Interviewer, Naeem Parvez; "Who knew that a Canadian Air Force helicopter mechanic with a well-worn copy of Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing could help transform the swimwear fashion industry in Dubai?

Say hello to Maureen Hall - the Founder, CEO, and Head of Design for COÉGA Sunwear. Realizing a need for protective sunwear in Dubai (especially for her kids), she leveraged her sewing and design expertise to create the Pool Shoe, which marked the beginning of COÉGA's success.

After more than 19 years, COÉGA has become a highly commendable company in the fashion sector, collaborating with major international brands like Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, and Masha & the Bear.

In this episode, Maureen shares her insights as a business owner, emphasizing the importance of organization and time management. She discusses the role of templates and checklists in streamlining operations and offers tips on balancing rigidity and flexibility in business processes.

Maureen also highlights the significance of meditation and mindfulness in maintaining a calm and focused mindset.

Here are some of the key points Maureen and I talked about:

00:00 Introduction 21:12 Tips for planning an effective work week (how to prioritize tasks and set deadlines) 📅 24:58 Why streamlining processes is crucial and what happens if they're not followed 📈 52:40 Experiences from hiring friends and having to let them go 1:31:17 Celebrating 20 years of success 🎉 1:37:37 Using creativity to make the business future-proof - and much more.

It was a pleasure meeting and nerding out about processes with Maureen. Her contagious laugh, energy, and genuine passion for what she does shine through in this episode. 😊"

This YouTube episode is brought to you by Entrepreneur’s Organization – Dubai. The organization also offers a mentorship program that pairs members with experienced business leaders who can provide guidance and support as they grow their businesses.

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