How To Care for Your Swimwear?



All COEGA Sunwear products are made of the finest quality fabrics that are premium and long lasting.  

The fabric is made of Lycra Xtra Life fibre and certified UV Protected for optimum protection against the sun, ensuring you don’t miss out on any outdoor fun.

We don’t believe in fast fashion and want to provide you with swimwear that lasts a long duration of time.



Following these care instructions will help you preserve the quality of your swimwear and show you how to take care of your products from COÉGA :

Care Instructions for Swimwear 

  • Remove any sand particles from your swimwear before washing them.

  • You can either cold hand wash or gentle machine wash with mild detergent.

  • If you choose to hand wash your swimwear, do not leave them to soak but rinse them immediately under cold water (never > 30°C)

  • Do not use bleach or any fabric softeners

  • Do not spin dry or tumble dry

  • Do not dry clean or iron your swimwear

  • Ensure to rinse your swimwear after every use to prevent long term damage from suncreen, body lotion and even chlorine. If your swimwear has come into contact with any of the previously mentioned substances and is not rinsed, it could cause discolouration over time.  

  • After washing your swimwear, do not twist or wring out your swimsuit to remove excess water, as this may damage the fabric.  Alternatively, you could gently squeeze out excess water and hang it inside out to dry. If the weather allows it, let it dry in the open air but away from direct sunlight.

  • Ensure your swimwear is completely dry before folding them. Take care not to stress the elastic bands while folding.

  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces or materials like rocks, jagged surfaces, poolside tiles and even Velcro, which may cause the fabric to deteriorate.

        Care Instructions for Pool shoes 


        1. To be used only around the pool or beach. Not to be used as regular street wear.

        2. Each time you use them, rinse them properly in clear water. We recommend hand washing your shoes with cold water and soap after each use to prevent any buildup of odor.

        3. Dry them in open air away from direct sunlight.

        4. Do not bleach, tumble dry or iron

        5. Do not dry clean