Benefits of UV-Protected Swimwear

Benefits of UV-Protected Swimwear

How UV-Protected Swimwear Is Beneficial for You

With the depleting ozone layer, the sun's rays have become harsher and more damaging than before. So it's time to have an extra layer of protection to prevent severe skin damage and disease. As per a survey, the rate of skin cancer has grown dramatically in the past decade.

Using sunblock won't give you enough coverage and safety when you are off to the beach or an open-air pool. Especially for small kids with sensitive skin, you should never take the risk. The solution to this problem is UV-protected swimwear. A UV-protected swimwear will protect your skin from getting burnt by the scorching summer sun. They also prevent chlorinated water and salty water from irritating the skin.

What are UV-protected Swimsuits?

UV-protected swimsuits or swimming costumes are made from denser and special fabric that fits snuggly to prevent harmful radiation from penetrating the skin. The outfit's darker colors and thick weave will absorb the radiation as much as it can and reflect them so your skin remains safe.

How UV protected Swimwear work?

A UV-protected swimwear has an upper layer of reflecting material and thick and denser weaves that protect the skin from sunlight and UV radiation. The darker shades and thick fabric provides the absorption function.

Why is it essential to use UV-protected Swimwear?

The inlet of harmful UV radiations in the inner atmosphere of the earth has increased, and with that, these rays are severely damaging to the skin tissues and structure. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause severe sunburns or can be a reason for skin disorders and the development of other allergies or breakouts later. For fair-skinned people and kids, UV-protected swimwear is crucial as their sensitive skin is more prone to skin cancers and melanoma.

Key Benefits of using UV protected Swimwear

UV-protected swimwear will comfort you and save you from burning and peeling skin after the outing. Here are some of the prominent advantages of using a UV-protected swimsuit:

Avoids sunburns and chafing

The first benefit is that you don't get those sunburns that make you look weary. They not only look bad but they also hurt a lot. But, no need to stay home after your vacation or outing until you look fit to go out because, with UV-protected swimwear, you won’t get rashes or skin burns even after hours of playing in the sun. 

Prevents skin problems and irritations in kids

Kids' skin is way more sensitive than adults. According to the American Health Association, kids who get sunburnt in their childhood are more likely to get skin cancers or diseases later in life. Using UV-protected swimwear is necessary to protect kids' delicate skin and avoid conditions like hyperpigmentation.

Protection from Skin Cancer

Harmful UV radiations are a primary contributing factor to the increase in skin cancer patients worldwide. On a beach or pool, the sunblock cream won’t provide enough protection and will wash off quickly. A UV-protected swimsuit will then be your safety shield against dangerous cancer-causing rays.

Suitable for people with skin issues

People with skin issues like vitiligo, solar urticaria, sun rash, or UV sensitivity can’t enjoy water sports because sun exposure can irritate their skin. But with UV-protected swimsuits and gear, they can stay safe in the sun with the UV Protection factor protecting their skin. 

How to select the right UV-protected swimsuit for yourself?

UV-protected swimwear has a UPF or UV Protection Factor to specify how much UV rays can penetrate the fabric. As per safety guidelines by health organizations, a minimum of UPF 30 swimwear is essential, and a UPF 50 will be better as it protects up to 97% from UV rays.

Secondly, dark colors provide better protection than light shades, so go for darker colors. Fabrics like Polyamide and Lycra mix will give better absorption than breathable fabric. Moreover, UV-protected swimwear should have a snug fit covering most body areas.

Enjoy the summer swim without any sunburns!

At COEGA, we have the best range of UV protected swimwear for babies, kids, teens and adults in attractive designs and colors. The fabric and sturdiness of the swimsuits will give you optimum protection from sun rays, and we assure you that the UPF mentioned on the tag is hundred percent accurate. 

So enjoy the beach parties or have fun at summer pool parties without risking your health and skin with COEGA swimwear.

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