Top Ten Reasons to Try COEGA Sunwear

Here are the top 10 reasons to make COEGA your number one choice in swimwear & beachwear for the whole family;

1. World-renowned branded fashion garments, with colourful printed fabrics & characters from Disney, Marvel & more

COEGA brings you the highest-quality sportswear garments. You can be assured that all COEGA branded products are made, stored & shipped exclusively by us from our base in the UAE. Our site is free of 3rd party sellers.

COEGA collaborates with international brands such as; Disney & Marvel, bringing you & your family the latest, exciting movie & TV character printed fabrics, for kids of all ages.

We also have one-stop shopping for the entire family with thousands of solid-colour design choices & combinations for every woman, man, youth & child. You only buy what you want, because we don't force you into complete sets you don't really need. Mix & match!

2. Authentic reviews from purchasing COEGA customers

We only allow reviews from customers who have ordered the specific product from COEGA. This assures accurate, timely reviews to help you make smarter buying choices.

3. Assurance of quality, workmanship, fit & style

With garments made from exclusive fashion fabrics imported from Italy & Spain, COEGA offers you the latest fashion items & the best-possible comfort & fit.

Our quality & brand transparency standards are second-to-none.

What's more, if you discover a manufacturing defect quality issue with any COEGA garment after arrival, we will replace the item free of charge.

4. Exclusive & comfortable designs for every BODY

The COEGA design team take care to build comfort & protection into every piece we make. From garments for the smallest child, to pieces for women & men of every size & shape; every item we sell has a great deal of thought, care and attention, built right in.

5. Solid commitment to personal privacy

COEGA puts your privacy first. Since our founding in 2004, we have never sold or leased any customer information to third parties. Our website has the highest online personal privacy standards & your personal information remains entirely confidential.

6. Enhanced 256-bit encryption with industry-leading card transaction security from Amazon's Payfort

Simply put, COEGA does not have access to your card or payment details.

COEGA uses the same payment processor as Amazon (Payfort is an Amazon company)

7. Buy now, pay later

With our payment partner, Tabby, residents of the UAE and Saudi Arabia have the option to take delivery of your garments and pay later. COEGA is one of only a select group of companies offering this service.

8. 24/7 customer service

We are reachable 24-hours per day, 7-days per week, by friendly WhatsApp chat, email & more to answer questions and resolve any issues with your order.

9. Eco-friendly initiatives

COEGA makes a portion of most garments with up-cycled yarns from discarded items such as; fishing nets, fabrics and other sources where we can help reduce the load on our oceans and planet. When you shop with us, you're part of a global clothing solution for a healthier, more sustainable planet. Read more about our environmental activities, here

10. Fast shipping directly to you by UPS

COEGA ships every item from our warehouse in Jebel Ali, UAE & shipped to you with Express-level service exclusively by our trusted shipping partner, UPS (United Parcel Service). Most items

are delivered in the UAE in within 2-3 business days. And within 3-7 business days in the wider Middle-East region.

We look forward to the possibility of seeing your order soon, and providing you with award-winning COEGA customer service for you and your family!

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