Swimwear For Plus-Size Men And Women

Swimwear For Plus-Size Men And Women

Shy to show your bulky figure at the beach, or are you stressed about wearing a revealing swimsuit because you are overweight?

Stop sticking to those baggy shirts and trousers and style yourself for the beach in attractive swimming costumes without worrying about your looks. Be it, men or women, there seems to be limited options in plus-size swimsuits. 

But the dynamics have changed. Gone are the days when there were only extra small-size swimsuits with only skirts or one-piece tankinis for plus sizes. There are more options and styles available in the market for people of all sizes. 

You can now go out of your comfort zone to try those appealing bikinis, swim shorts, and tanks, and be beach ready for the coming holiday season. Considering the stigma attached to plus-size swim styles and outfits, let's dig into the details of selecting your best swimming outfit.

  • No compromise on fabric

  • The swimsuit's fabric holds prime importance, especially when it comes to plus size. Go for durable, high-quality material that can hold up against extra pressure and give some extra room to fit in your body. Use fabric that is a good stretch for comfort and ample firmness to provide a good shape to the body. 

    Avoid cotton or light fabric that expands after one wear making your swimsuit look bulkier than before. Moreover, pay attention to the dye and colors that may fade after one swim.

  • Go for floral prints

  • Going for bigger prints or floral patterns will highlight the swimsuit more, and your curves will be undertoned in those dresses. Men can wear floral shorts with t-shirts, while women can opt for a floral one piece or bikini. However, there is no fixed rule on this; you can always opt for colors and prints you like.

     However, light colors and tropical patterns give a more subtle and calming look that also suits the beach season and vibe.

  • Consider the activity

  • We understand that plus-size people are reluctant to engage in watersports or other activities, but the heart has no size limit. So why not forgo the thought of what others will think and live for yourself?

    So considering the type of sports you would like to engage in, pick the right style. For example, if you plan to ride a jet ski, wear something tight and fit, while for beach volleyball, you can wear long trunks and a loose swim dress.

  • Pick a style that compliments your shape

  • Now comes the cuts. Like all other things, one style doesn't fit all and the same goes for all plus-size men and women. So, pick the cuts and styles wisely. If you have slim legs, you can always go for a bikini with a covered tank top, or those with heavy busts can choose a neck tied with fitted tights.

     Men can choose tight shirts or swimsuits that give good shape and support to their bodies. Also, many options in the modest swimsuit range go well for plus size as they don’t feel like showing off their body. Center-cut one-pieces, two-shaded swimsuits, or bikinis with ruffles are some of the many options for plus sizes.

  • Look for adequate support

  • Another important factor is support for busts or other parts for plus-size people. Women with large busts or waists need extra straps, fabric, underwires, or in-built bras for support. Similarly, the stitching needs additional support for hips or to tuck the bulging tummy inside so they can move and enjoy freely without chafing or muscle strain.

    Be free to flaunt your curves without hesitation!

    Don’t tire yourself to achieve the perfect fantasy beach body and break in that beautiful swimwear to have fun in the water this summer. No matter how bulky you are or how big you think you would look, nothing can stop you from having fun.

    Buy unique swimwear for plus-size men and women at COEGA and feel comfortable and beautiful in impressively flexible and stylish swimwear that will make you love your body more.

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