Sustainability Is The Need Of Time

Sustainability Is The Need Of Time

Sustainability Is The Need Of Time: We Aim To Make It Possible In Swimwear

Environmental issues and the lack of natural resources have made it crucial to make thoughtful decisions if we want a safe and healthy planet for future generations. Making sustainable goods and recycling will reduce the wastage weight on earth and enable us to provide sufficient resources for all.

With the world focusing on improving the planet and making sustainable choices, we at COEGA sunwear support the same thought. From making our products as eco-friendly as possible and producing less waste, we aim to deliver a sustainable swimwear range that makes the customers happy and brings a sense of responsibility.

Here are some steps we have taken to offer sustainability in swimwear and measures to help the critical environmental condition.

What is meant by sustainability?

Sustainability is the effort to make things and solutions that depend less on the depleting natural resources and more on what we have in abundances like switching to wind power or solar power instead of fossil fuels.

We should also switch to wood-based crockery instead of plastic, reduce our use of harmful chemicals, and make recyclable options available to avoid overproduction and waste.

So sustainability focuses on three main things: preserving nature, improving the economic situation, and providing necessities to everyone on the planet.

How COEGA is helping to promote sustainable solutions

At COEGA, we believe that if we want a better tomorrow, we need to take steps now, so we are trying to contribute our little share to the cause. Some of the measures we have taken to support a sustainable future dream of the planet are as follows:

  • Recycled swimwear
  • We at COEGA use recycled swimwear fabric to make our swimsuits. This enables us to reduce wastage on the environment.  Most of our swimwear contains ECONYL® yarn, which is 100% regenerated nylon fibre/yarn made from nylon waste otherwise polluting the earth, like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring, and industrial plastic. Moreover, we don't dump anything in the ocean and pollute aquatic life.

  • Eco-friendly fabric
  • We don't use synthetic and artificially made fabric. At COEGA, we only use natural material that is easily degraded and doesn't harm the environment. One thing is that we use sustainable fabric made of ECONYL® regenerated nylon fabric, and the other step is that we produce in UAE, thus reducing the carbon footprint by cutting out transportation.

  • Reduces the use of plastic and synthetic material
  • Reducing the use of synthetic fabric and recycling the waste as much as possible, we ensure to make the plastic waste load as less as possible in our production. From packaging to swimsuits, we rethink and create innovative ways to recycle them.

  • Sublimation printing 
  • Rather than using traditional dye printing and lead wastage, we opt for a more eco-friendly sublimation printing technique. This way, we minimize the wastage and water usage during printing.

  • No overproduction 
  • At COEGA, we don't overproduce our batches. We only make as much as needed, and if there is more requirement in the market, we will create new pieces only then.

  • Introduce new variants slowly
  • There is no bombardment of new designs in swimwear each week or month. We believe in sustainability and introduce new collections less frequently .

  • Long-lasting and durable swimsuits
  • Made from Lycra Xtralife, our swimsuits don't loosen or get saggy even after months of use. They last for years without discoloration or fabric degradation.

  • Minimal wastage
  • During stitching and cutting, we utilize as much fabric as we can, thus there is less production waste. Moreover, we utilize the cut-out to create design and use as much fabric as possible. 

     Steps towards conservation of marine life and shoreline-Mangrove plantation event

    Another great initiative we have taken to secure nature is our Mangrove Plantation program. We had held a mangrove plantation event, emphasizing the need for mangrove plantations to safeguard the coastlines, increase carbon absorption, and mend the climatic damage already done.


    Our motto is to save the planet and its environment for future generations.

    We are not an entirely environment-friendly company, but we are trying to make it to that point. From using as few chemicals and harmful procedures as possible to offering swimwear that lasts ages, we aim for sustainable swimwear solutions for the future.

    Our mangroves' visit and reduction in microplastic waste in the ocean also give the message of our feeling to save the extinction of terrestrial life and the shorelines from severe flooding and destruction. We hope that the future that may come is better than we wish it to be now! 

    So, whenever you choose a COEGA product, be it our rashguards or our slim-kinis or modesty swimwear, you are supporting the environment in your own way.

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