Summer is coming!

Summer is coming!

The sun, sand and sea are summer-ready! Are you?


Dubai is home to many things – the tallest skyscraper, the best food, the biggest shopping malls, icy slopes in the middle of a mall and so much more. It is also home to some of the best beaches. Complemented by the bluest waters from the Arabian gulf, Dubai was always primed to be a beach resort destination.



But what makes Dubai a postcard perfect beach spot, you ask? Temperatures! If year-round sunshine (and desert temperatures!) is your idea of paradise, then Dubai is the city for you! It also makes for the perfect runway to show off your best swimwear. We hear you!

At COEGA, we believe that swimwear should be stylish yet sustainable. After all, faded colors and poor stitching is hardly a good look while you are lounging poolside, right? As a bonus, our swimwear for women, men and kids has unlimited options! How is that for making a statement?



To prepare for your summery swims, here are a few key things to note before picking out your swimwear: 


1. Check your Fabric!

Buying a new swimsuit is always fun! But how many times do you stop to think about how swimsuits get made? It’s not often that we stop to think about the fabric of our swimwear. It’s easy to tell apart high-quality swimwear from one that’s not and there is a key differentiating factor – the fabric! A poor-quality swimsuit is generally made from thin fabric without proper lining within the suit. This is true for swimsuits for men, women and kids! This means that after a few washes, it is likely to look worn out and ill fitted. At COEGA, all of our swimwear is made especially from high-quality fabrics that are imported from Europe. They are also UV 50+ certified and can easily withstand sharp chlorine, sunny rays and sea salt. This means we are built to last so you just keep on swimming!


2. It’s all in the details!

We know that being sun-safe is just as important as being chic. COEGA has a large range of swimwear for everyone and every body type. In fact, that’s exactly how Maureen Hall came up with your favorite swimwear brand. Maureen created swimwear for herself and her children, retailing in a single outlet in Dubai, by stitching it herself! Today, our range includes kid’s swimwear, modest swimwear, bikinis, men’s swim trunks and many more styles. Some of our most recent collection includes collaborations with Disney, Marvel, and more. Excited to check out our latest collection? Have a look here


3. Sustainability Matters to us!

At every step of the product journey, COEGA ensures that we remain committed to our goal towards being sustainable and environment friendly. We are almost entirely paperless! Because we are locally manufactured, a large part of our imported fabric printing occurs right here in the UAE! Sourcing high-quality, eco-friendly fabric while reducing carbon footprint ensures that your favorite swimsuits are ethically produced. What’s more, all of our pieces are made from Lycra Xtra Life fiber, making them long-lasting and durable striving towards our goal of avoiding fast fashion.


Not sure which of our swimsuits to pick for your next beach outing? Click here to see our entire collection and pick the swimsuit that’s just right for you!

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