7 Essential Swimming Gear

7 Essential Swimming Gear

Whether you plan to swim in the open like the sea or beach or go to the  pool, each has its risks and safety measures are to be taken. Although pools are much safer, open water challenges the adventurous swimmer in you. 

Be it an occasional swim or training to go for competitions, you need adequate gear apart from swimsuits to be a good swimmer. In this blog, we have highlighted the essential swim gear you need for swimming.

Factors to consider before buying the gear

Swim gear comes in all price and quality ranges. What you should invest in depends on the following factors:

  • Budget

  •  Your budget decides all! Depending on the affordability, you should choose a gear brand. Instead of spending all your money on one accessory, opt for buying middle-range multiple accessories, so you are adequately equipped for your swimming session.

  • Usage 

  • The second important factor is how often you need to use it. If you are an occasional swimmer who goes for a dip once or twice in a month or year, you should invest in nominal value swim gear. If it gets rusted or broken, you only have a little loss.

  • Requirement

  • Another major thing is the need for gear. You need good quality and reliable equipment for training sessions or professional swimming, but you can compromise on them if you do swimming as a hobby. So the question is do you really need the gear? 

    7 most crucial swimming gear

    There are many swimming gears that you should ideally invest in, but the 7 most crucial ones that you shouldn't miss out on are as follows:

  • Swimsuit

  • A swimsuit or proper swimwear is an essential swim gear. Buy appropriate swimwear for yourself and your kids before going to the pool or beach. It will ensure your safety and easy mobility in water. You can opt for bikinis, one piece suits, slim-kinis, board shorts or trunks for water sports, or burkinis if you want full coverage.

    If it is cold, you should wear a rashguard so  that your body heat is contained. This can also help you avoid hypothermia or catching a cold. Moreover, rashguards offers UV protection as well as are chlorine resistant.

    We have a wide variety of swimwear at www.coegawear.com offering excellent protection and are available in various styles and sizes.

  • Swimming cap

  • Swimming caps are excellent in saving your hair from chlorinated water. Chlorinated water is harmful and can cause frizz and extreme dryness. Swimming caps are a long-term investment and protect your hair especially if they are color-treated or keratin-treated hair. 

  • Pool shoes 

  • Pool shoes and flip-flops save you from slipping on wet floors near the edge of the pool. They also prevent you from hurting your feet on rocky beach areas with sharp stones or litter that can tear your swimsuit or injure you.

  • Snorkel

  • Snorkels are the best aid for underwater swimming. Underwater swimming or snorkeling requires you to focus more on moving forward and spending more time under the water. A good snorkel can help you breathe inside the water and maintain your speed and rhythm throughout the track.

  • Goggles

  • Water goggles are needed to avoid water getting into your eyes and to ensure a clear view. There are many types of goggles: they vary in shape, size, and color. Choose a google that provides complete protection to your eyes and fits without straining your facial bones. 

  • Training accessories

  • If you plan regular swimming, you must get your hands on some training gear to improve your movement and speed. Some essential training gear includes swimming fins, swim buoys, kick boards, hand paddles, ankle and waist floaters, and a smart band or watch.

  • Ear plugs

  • For underwater swimming, the ear needs coverage too, because many people are prone to ear infections. Use earplugs to keep your ear holes covered underwater.

    For optimal swimming, ensure safety for yourself and your kids, and equip them with essential swimming gear. From swimwear for adults to babies and all the swimming accessories, you have a one-stop solution at COEGA. We have a wide range of items and styles to suit your needs, each durable in build and extremely long lasting..

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