Outdoor Activities in UAE

Outdoor Activities in UAE

UAE is home to exotic beaches and spectacular deserts combined with an ultra-luxurious and flashy lifestyle. You can relax in a cozy hotel room and have a luxurious stay but the actual fun is outside. From shopping your heart out to making your heart rate higher, there is so much to explore in the UAE and you will feel a single trip is not enough to discover all of it.

Here are some of the most exciting outdoor activities in UAE that you shouldn't miss to try while vacationing in UAE:

  • Kayaking to mangroves

  • Explore the exotic wildlife and narrow waterways while kayaking through the mangrove park in Umm Al Quwain. Watch the turtles, stunning flamingos, and cinematic natural ambiance while swaying on the clear water. It's a refreshing adventure and worth the investment. Do not forget to wear protective swimwear while kayaking.

  • Zipline thrill

  • Hop on to the world's longest zip line in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Have an astounding view of the Jebel Jais Mountains and natural beauty while you speed through in the air at a speed of 160 KPH. It's a 2.8km ride that takes only 2 minutes, but the adrenaline rush and view will leave you spell-bounded for hours.

  • Go on a desert safari

  • You can’t miss visiting the vast deserts of UAE and the amazing sports and activities. You can go dune bashing or wander around the desert on a camel. There are night camping and soulful dinner spots for you to lounge in and relax while enjoying folk music and dances by local artists.

  • Flyboarding

  • Glide over the water like some alien with powerful water jets attached to your feet. Just keep your balance intact and feel like some powerful superhero while you move above the ocean. 

  • Snorkeling on Snoopy Island

  • Pack up your swimsuits and spend a day at Snoopy Island in Fujairah. You can go snorkeling all day, exploring the whole Island, wildlife, and natural views. You can also engage in other water activities there.

  • Scuba Diving 

  • Want to have a closer look at marine life? Go scuba diving at Martini Rock in Fujairah, UAE. It's one of the best sites to go diving, and you won't see aquatic life as close and in abundance anywhere else. Some creatures you can easily encounter are cuttlefish, turtles, lionfish, broom tail, and much more.

  • Sky-diving over the Palms

  • If you dare to fly in the sky and endure a free fall from the Dubai skies, then go sky-diving in the palms. Having a panoramic view of the Dubai skyline beneath you while jumping from a height of 4000 ft. The dive will scare you to the core, but the experience will totally be worth it. If you are an amateur diver, a guide will jump with you to ensure safety.

  • Shark encounter in Dubai Mall

  • Here is one for those who are always ready to get into thrilling sports or adventure. Dip in the Dubai mall aquarium inside a steel cage amid deadly sharks. Many other dangerous creatures will also be present, and you can have a thrilling experience while you provoke the sharks to attack you and see them racing toward you while you dodge and move up. Just ensure to carry your swimming gear .

  • Parasailing 

  • Get your heart pounding while parasailing at Fujairah beach. The beautiful beach and the Mountains in the back will fill up your soul with mesmerizing beauty and give your body the needed adrenaline dose.


    Make each moment count with exciting activities in the UAE!

    Be it an extreme adventure or a romantic day out with your spouse; you have plenty of options to go to in the UAE. Dive deeper into the lives of Arabs in the desert camp, jump in the shark tank, fly board at Jumeirah beach, or view the Dubai skyline from the zip line; UAE is filled with engaging activities at each corner. So tighten your seat belts and strengthen your hearts, as the adventures and outdoor fun in UAE are going to be exhilarating.

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