Inclusive Fashion and Body Positivity: Being Confident In Your Swimwear

Inclusive Fashion and Body Positivity: Being Confident In Your Swimwear

 Are you having those severe panic attacks just with the thought of going to the beach? No, not the ones where you are afraid of water but because wearing a bathing suit or a bikini on the beach makes you uncomfortable.

We are all different bodied. The unavailability of plus-size swimwear makes us conscious of our weight and uneven shape.
We suggest you stop doing that and enjoy completely in our comfortable and beautiful COEGA swimwear and revamp the vibe in you.

The best thing a woman can wear is confidence on her sleeves.
So stop sulking over your body shape after kids or even if you have piled on some calories after the exam season. We believe that every shape and every color is beautiful.
Due to the increasing social media usage, people believe that you have to achieve that bikini or beach body to don a slim swimsuit or bikini. So before heading to their vacation, people try their best to get that shape and when they fail to do so, anxiety and depression kicks in.

Whatever you wear, be it covered swimwear like a burkini or full-body swimsuit or you want to wear beach shorts and a shirt that is comfy and cool, here are some quick tips to make you feel super confident in your swimwear-

● Pick the right size

Most of the time what frustrates or backs us down is that when we go swimwear shopping, there are no plus-size swimsuits available. This leads to a draining mind cycle of self-doubt and embarrassment and you end up leaving the idea of going to the beach or to the pool again.
It’s not only plus sized people but people with extremely skinny structures too get trolled for their stick-like bodies when they are wearing a bikini or bathing suit.
Pick a swimwear shop where they have a wide range of sizes in bikinis and bathing suits for men as well as women. Also, if you are a smaller size, you can pick from the kids swimwear section. Try buying swimwear from businesses that promote inclusivity.

● Colors and patterns

Another way of feeling great in your swimwear is to pick the colors you feel confident in and patterns that compliments you. This way you will feel more energetic and confident in your bathing suits or beachwear.

● Pick what makes you feel good

Be it a bikini, slim suit, burkinis, one-piece swimsuit, or ladies swim shorts, pick the outfit you feel good in and your body will look great in. Don’t go on wearing a super covering suit just because you don’t want to show skin or pick a bikini out of peer pressure.

● Accept your body and be confident

The first rule to be confident and fight all the body shaming is to accept yourself the way you are.
Stop worrying about people around you, social media comments, or what others might think about you.

● Stop having any expectations.

All that you see on social media and magazine covers is photoshopped and manipulated to look like that. So stop exhausting yourself to get a beach body like the models in ads.
Regardless of your size, you can enjoy your favorite swimsuit and flaunt your flaws confidently. Nothing is stopping you! COEGA honors this body diversity and believes in making swimwear for all sizes and shapes. From kids to ladies and men, our swimwear range has all sizes and designs so that no one feels left out!

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