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The popular COEGA SlimKini works automatically to help enhance your figure, in comfort & style all-day long. A concept inspired by the one-piece wet-suit used by female sport divers, the COEGA SlimKini was further developed in lightweight, Italian fashion fabrics by women designers.

The goal? Maximum female comfort at the pool or beach, because by taking breathable, imported fabric water-sport designs to the next level, the SlimKini helps you feel safe & protected as a woman. Presenting a stylish look whenever you're by the water.

Each hand-crafted piece is made for sophisticated women & girls, who desire something more substantial (and more comfortable) than a revealing teeny-tiny bikini. The SlimKini protects your skin from damaging effects of the sun, while maintaining an attractive, sporty female figure.

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Support & Style for Ladies & Girls of all Ages & Shapes

Using highest-quality imported Italian fabrics, cut in a unique way by dedicated COEGA Sunwear specialists, the SlimKini strategically uses both, patterned & solid, high-tech breathable European materials.

Assisted by the most sophisticated computer-design software, containing a vast database of female measurements, COEGA gear presents a pleasing shape to any eye. All the while offering support, sun-protection (SPF50 plus) & comfort, whenever you choose.You can see a variety of the latest SlimKini styles, options & colours HERE

As you can see from the images on this page, the SlimKini's side panels are specially 'curved' in such a way they naturally produce a unique 'cutout' shape. This has the pleasing effect of enhancing female curves from every angle - no matter what your natural figure or clothing size. With built-in support, dimensions & sizes sure to fit any woman, along with proven-effective sun-protection the SlimKini is today's stylish option for women of all ages.

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Available in short, 3/4 & full-length SlimKini options & a variety of solid & patterned fabric colour combinations. With matching COÉGA accessories (hats, shoes, skirts, shaelas, rash guards, leggings & more)  there are hundreds of COEGA style combinations to suit your needs. All for less than you might expect.

You can see a variety of current SlimKini options, colours & styles HERE

Comfort on Land & Sea, Pool or Beach

COEGA Sunwear builds female comfort into every piece of clothing we make. COEGA Creative Director, Maureen Hall, makes a point of testing each new concept on women of multiple; shapes, sizes, cultures & ages - for fit & comfort.

Real-life testing led us to a number of specialized female enhancements which can be experienced by anyone who tries the SlimKini in-store. The leg, arm & neck dimensions & special features built into each unique, hand-crafted piece, guarantee a comfortable fit for a lady on land & sea, all day long.

Now Available in Multiple Styles & Options (Short, 3/4, Full-Length & More)

No two women are the same (or desire to look the same). That's why leading designer Maureen Hall ensures women from all backgrounds & nationalities have scores of options they'll find appealing with the SlimKini. Now available in sporty Short, to more conservative 3/4 & Full-Length, the SlimKini fits YOU & covers to the degree YOU want.

What's more, COEGA Sunwear has matching hats, shoes, skirts & more to complete your latest beach or pool look in true style. Designed by real women, for women & tested daily in the real world. Mix & match with any COEGA Sunwear item, to create any unique combinations you desire.

How to Try the New SlimKini, from COEGA Sunwear

You can buy your very own COEGA SlimKini online, here. We thank you for reading about the unique SlimKini from COEGA. While imitators may try, for a modern woman nothing else comes close to the original, hand-crafted SlimKini. Brought to you by the women at COEGA Sunwear; who care about your comfort as a woman.

Women everywhere are raving about how well their SlimKini fits them!

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Yes, for a limited time, when you order your COEGA SlimKini today, we'll send you a coupon code by email, for INSTANT 100% OFF (including FREE shipping) your choice of beach sandals ($30 value) FREE...